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Academic Coaching for Empowerment (ACE)


What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a student and coach that is designed to develop the student’s ability to recognize and address issues that impede academic progress.  Through this synergetic coaching model, students develop their own effective strategies for overcoming procrastination, prioritizing goals and managing time. 

Which students may benefit from Academic Coaching?

Students who have an interest in changing unproductive patterns and habits and who are willing to commit to the process are strong coaching candidates.  For Academic Coaching to be effective, the decision to participate in the program must be the student’s. 

What is a typical session like?

Sessions are student-driven.  They begin with the students first considering the tasks they need to accomplish and then setting three short-term goals for the day.  Providing structure, the coach asks guiding questions that help the student determine the best environment and methods for accomplishing those goals. In the next session, the student analyzes progress made. As the student and coach review task results, the student reflects on what led to reaching his/her goals as well as  what might have prevented accomplishing a task.  Students then consider how they might overcome any barriers when implementing their next set of goals.   Throughout the process, the coach guides the student in accurately assessing and replacing ineffective daily planning habits while encouraging the student to be fully in control and responsible for work plans.  Academic coaching does not involve judgment or criticism of the student; coaching emphasizes the positive. 

A coaching session generally lasts five to ten minutes. The frequency of the sessions is determined by the student and coach for a maximum of sixty (60) minutes per week. Coaching sessions are usually conducted in person but may also include email and/or phone check in.

How long do students participate in Academic Coaching?

Students usually engage in the coaching process for a full semester although the duration may vary with each individual. At the end of the term, through an exit interview with the coach, students can reflect on the process and progress made as well as discuss their thoughts on extending their participation in the program.


Contact and Registration Information

Academic Coaching is available to all Mitchell College students who have an interest in changing unproductive patterns and who are willing to commit to the process. The semester fee for this program is $750. For more information please contact Alice Murallo, Admission Liaison at 860-629-6214 or Click the link below to register now!

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