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The Alumni Community is taking a big step forward this year with a focus on involvement, caring, outreach, and fun. Every day, students on campus are attending classes, feeling victory over the sometimes challenging engagements of the classroom, and maturing as they develop into social adults. Sound familiar? Your Community appreciates the experiences you had at Mitchell, supports your efforts as you continue on your unique journey through life, and celebrates with you every single achievement.

For many alumni, Mitchell made a critical difference in the path of their lives. The Alumni Community asks you to consider how you can get involved and “give back.” Your involvement can take many forms – attending Reunion or other Mitchell College events, volunteering time and talent to assist with planning alumni programs, recruiting students, or fundraising, and responding as generously as possible when asked to make an annual gift.

We're so glad you are part of the Mitchell family. Tell us how YOU can help the Alumni Community take a big step this year by visiting our Volunteer page. Mitchell College is your college, and your support is vital to ensure that the opportunity you enjoyed is there for succeeding generations of students.