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Application Instructions for Mitchell College

Information for Applying:

College Board Code: 3528
ACT Code: 0572
FAFSA Code: 001393
TOEFL Code: 3528

Students who wish to attend Mitchell College to earn a degree and attend either full time or part time must apply for admission. The process is simple! Please use these pages to apply to the degree program of your choice.

If you want support from the Bentsen Learning Center, please submit the Learning Center application after you submit your admission application.

Admission Plan

Our admission plan is rolling and unrestricted. You may apply any time during the year.
Decisions are mailed three to six weeks after your file is complete. For optimal consideration, please adhere to the following submission dates:

  • Early Action (Fall entry only) November 15
  • Fall April 1
  • Transfer (Fall) July 1
  • Transfer (Spring entry) December 1

If Mitchell College is one of your top choices, please consider Early Action. Early Action is a non-binding application option for entry each Fall. If your application is complete by November 15, we will mail an answer by December 15.

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