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The Bentsen Learning Center

Since 1981, the Bentsen Learning Center (BLC) at Mitchell College has provided a comprehensive academic support program for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. Based upon a philosophy of enhancing student independence and self-advocacy, the program focuses on the teaching and application of learning strategies and career readiness skills.

Through strong, collaborative relationships, students work with an assigned Learning Specialist to set goals and develop an individualized program to help meet those goals.

BLC programs include:

  • Individualized Program of Support
  • Learning Strategy Instruction
  • Content Strategy Workshops
  • Designated Student Study Areas
  • Referral to Additional Campus Resources

Here’s what a student has to say about her experience with the BLC:

“I am a second semester senior going for my degree in Business. I am at level 2 at the BLC. The BLC has not only been helpful with academic strategies but also interpersonal strategies when it comes to talking to my professors and other staff on campus. 

I use technology all the time; it's very helpful when you have a learning disability. For example, I use the Smart Pen when it comes to taking notes and text-to-speech to listen to my textbooks. I am most proud of myself when it comes to not needing a note taker anymore and actually, being a note taker for other students.”

                                                    - Emily G. ’15

Contact the Bentsen Learning Center

Alice Murallo
BLC Assistant Director
(860) 629-6214


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