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Tuition & Fees

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board for Resident Students

Tuition: $29,890
Room: $6,500
Board: $6,000
Fees: $1,890

Tuition and Fees for Commuters

Tuition: $29,890
Fees: $1,890

Part Time Tuition and fees

Part-time tuition (less than 9 credits): $500 per credit hour
Science lab fee: $50
Computer lab fee: $50

** Please note that in order to receive Federal Student Loans the student needs to be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits.

Certificate Program Tuition and Fees

Part-time tuition (less than 9 credits): $500 per credit hour

Additional Fees and Expenses

Books: $1200 (estimate)
Travel: $1400 (estimate)
Miscellaneous: $1300 (estimate)

For Students Using the Bentsen Learning Center:
Level 1: Comprehensive: TBD for 2016-2017
Level 2: Achievement: TBD for 2016-2017
Level 3: Performance: TBD for 2016-2017
Academic Coaching for Empowerment: TBD for 2016-2017

Online Payments

To make a deposit or tuition payment with your credit card, please go to: