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Mitchell College Policy Manual

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Policy Guidelines


This policy establishes the processes through which Mitchell College's policies and procedures are developed, approved, and communicated and published for use by the College community.


a. College policies are applicable to the general College community and are created to ensure consistency within the operations in the institution.
b. Individual College departments will be required to implement departmental procedures to assure compliance.
c. These departmental procedures must be developed in compliance with established College policies and, should a conflict exist, the College-wide policy will take precedence


a. A College Policy Committee is comprised of a group of College employees that are considered representative of the College community. Committee members are recommended from the President’s Cabinet and approved by the President.
b. The President will designate a member of the College Policy Committee to serve as Policy Director.
c. The College Policy Committee will review and recommend policies for approval. Departments, individuals, and committees of the College can draft a new policy or recommend a revision to an existing policy by submitting a proposal to the College Policy Committee, using the template provided in Appendix A.
d. Draft policies will be submitted to the College Policy Committee for review prior to the next scheduled meeting. The policy author should attend the College Policy Committee meeting for the policy review to respond to questions and provide additional information.
e. The College Policy Committee will either recommend a draft policy to be placed on the agenda for the President’s Cabinet or recommend changes in the policy to the policy author. The policy author will make the changes and resubmit to the Council for review and consideration, using email to expedite the process.
f. Should the policy author not agree with the Council recommendations, they can request that the policy be submitted for Cabinet review and President’s approval without the recommended changes. In that case, the Policy Director will communicate the Committee’s concerns about the policy to the Cabinet.
g. When the College Policy Committee recommends a policy for approval, it should be sent to the President’s Cabinet via College email for review and discussion on the Cabinet agenda.
h. The President’s Cabinet can approve, reject, or request amendments to College policies after the Cabinet review and discussion. If a policy is not accepted, it can be referred back to College Policy Committee to consider possible amendments, and the process will be followed, beginning with section d) above.
i. Approved policies will be numbered using the organization numbering system provided in Appendix B.
j. After the President has approved the new or revised policy, the Policy Director will be responsible for posting the policy to the policy website and informing the College community that the policy has been the created or revised.