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Programs of Study

Our degree programs have three parts. You will take courses in general education to help you develop
the ability to think critically, to appreciate cultures other than your own, to write clearly and persuasively,
and how to contribute to society. Courses in your major will assist you to master the area you have
chosen to pursue in depth. Elective courses are free choices in areas in which you have an interest, or
courses which can strengthen your major program.

Below is a list of our Academic Departments. Click on a department to see what degrees it has to offer.
You can also click here to view the Course Catalog.

Behavioral Sciences


Communication Arts & Humanities 


Hospitality & Tourism

Law & Justice Policy Studies

Liberal & Professional Studies 

Science, Technology, Environmental
Studies & Mathematics 

Sport & Fitness Management


We also offer a One Year, Post-Grad/Pre-College Certificate Program from Thames Academy.