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Student Activites LogoFrom your first days on campus to graduation, your time at Mitchell will be filled with opportunities to grow, mature, discover a passion, develop leadership skills and forge enduring relationships. Your college experience will be one of the most engaging, inspiring and rewarding times of your life.  

The Student Activities Office is dedicated to providing social programming and leadership development opportunities for students both on and off campus.

Whether it's music, movies, festivals, late night events, or trips, the Student Activities staff can help you identify, plan, and participate in Mitchell’s many different clubs, organizations, and a variety of other opportunities.

Strive to make a difference and shape your campus community by getting involved. When you do, you will make Mitchell a better place for yourself, your peers, and for future generations of Mariners. The possibilities are endless!

Give us a call… 860-701-5052

Cheri Henault
Director of Student Activities
Office: Campus Center

Tanesha Fowler
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Office: Campus Center

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Clubs and Organizations Campus Activities
Family Weekend Honor Societies

MVP Program

The MVP (Mitchell Valued Potential) program annually awards competitive merit scholarships to students based on their potential to contribute to the Mitchell College community and the greater New London community. MVP awards are awarded to students who demonstrate potential in leadership, voluntarism or academics.

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Student Government

The Student Government Association (known as the SGA on campus) is the parent organization for all other clubs and organizations. Each spring, the student body elects a slate of officers to lead the SGA and establish an agenda to address issues and sponsor activities for the college community.

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Commuter Students

A significant portion of the Mitchell College student population is made up of commuting students, who have chosen to live at home while attending college on a full-time or part-time basis. Commuting students are a vital segment of the Mitchell community and the College offers a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of this special group.

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International Students

Picture of International Students

Mitchell College has a small number of international students who join the College community and live on campus. Recognizing that it is difficult to adjust in a different country, a new culture and a diverse educational system, Mitchell College provides support, academically and socially, for international students.