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Get personal, be practical, be prepared – Choose Mitchell.

Why transfer?

 •  You graduated from a two year institution and are ready to earn your bachelor’s degree - Yes! 
 •  You are looking to take advantage of Career Services that can really help you get ahead
 •  You want to learn from faculty with real world experience who can help you find an internship that’s right for you
 •  The first place you attended was too big and impersonal, or doesn’t have programs that interest you
 •  You want or need to be closer to home
Whatever your reason, Mitchell may be the place for you.


Mitchell is PERSONAL

 •  We have small classes (average 15 students) 
 •  We have unlimited professional tutoring and expert academic advising
 •  We have Intercollegiate NCAA Division III athletic sports and student clubs so you can pursue your personal interests
 •  Our 68-acre residential campus is big enough to offer you first-rate facilities and small enough that you always have access to them


Mitchell is PRACTICAL

At Mitchell real-world experiences such as internships are just part of the program!

 •  Virtually every academic program requires an internship
 •  Every department has at least one designated internship supervisor
 •  Faculty members are seasoned professionals in their fields and serve as the first link in your professional career network


At Mitchell, you’ll be PREPARED for success

 •  Our future-focused degree programs are designed to prepare you for a rewarding career or an advanced degree. 
 •  Mitchell’s professional academic advisors help you zero in on the program of study that best fits your goals, and that makes the most of your prior coursework and credits


Bob Martin

Director of Admissions

(860) 701-5178