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... the place for adult learners to start or start again.

We know that adults need to balance family, career, and community with educational responsibilities. That's why Mitchell offers flexible part-time study and degree programs year-round - to help adult students reach their goals sooner. We also recognize that what you learn in life and work is valued, so we welcome prior learning assessments (PLA) that grant college credit for what you already know. Don't start from scratch. Consider "Credit for Prior Learning." Learn more here.

Are you a working adult? Career-changer? Lifelong learner?

Adults expect - and we deliver - a welcoming campus, stellar faculty, easy enrollment, and key amenities:

  • free and convenient parking,
  • rich library resources,
  • exemplary counseling, and
  • 21st century educational technologies, to name a few.

Career Services are available to you year-round, for individual counseling by appointment or online for job search and skill-building tools - at your convenience, 24/7.

Boost your resume with college credits or complete your degree.

Need a competitive advantage to secure that promotion or help you advance in your field? Research shows that college graduates earn much more over their working lifetime. Compare $2,765 with $4,563*, the median monthly earnings of the high school graduate vs. the college graduate. The differential, nearly $1,800 a month, translates to more than $21,000 a year. A college degree is an investment in your future financial security.

* Source: the bureau of labor statistics

Lifelong learners are happier and feel more fulfilled. Even if you've enjoyed a rich and prosperous career, a college course is the ideal way to preapre for your next stage in life and to simply learn new things. Don't compromise your desire to return to school. Adult students have always been welcome at Mitchell College and your experience here may be the key to propelling your life forward. Attend an Information Session, come for a campus visit, check out credit for prior learning, and email with your questions. We'll connect you with dedicated staff who will guide your journey.

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Adult Student Graduating and Hugging the President of the College
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