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What to Give

From gifts of cash to gifts of real estate, Mitchell College is pleased and grateful to be the recipient of a wide array of assets. Your gifts of appreciated assets and tangible property enhance the Mitchell experience by providing direct financial support and instructional materials and tools for our students and faculty. They also provide you with valuable tax benefits. Cash, Stock, Real Estate, Retirement Assets, and Life Insurance can be transferred to Mitchell with minimal paperwork. We will assist you and your financial advisors every step of the way.

To learn more about supporting Mitchell College through a transfer of assets, please contact the Advancement staff at or (860) 701-5092.


Mitchell Impact

A Gift to Change a Life: Raymond McAfoose '64 and wife Elizabeth have made a gift of a full year scholarship to Bentsen Learning Center (BLC) support services for a student who otherwise could not afford the extra expense this year. Upon visiting campus last spring, they were impressed by the new physical facilities and expanded curriculum. Ray, retired president of the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, remembers the small campus and the very good instructors who cared. "That's what made the difference for me." The McAfooses have been consistent contributors to Mitchell College in the past and hope that this gift models to others a way to make a gift that can change a life.










Gifts of Cash

  • Make an outright gift to Mitchell during your lifetime
  • Benefit from charitable deduction on your income taxes
  • Itemize your deductions on your income taxes
  • Plan to sell securities that have declined in value and then donate these proceeds

Many gifts to Mitchell come from current income in the form of cash or checks. Cash can be used to make both outright gifts and retained life income gifts. You may make a gift of cash by check, by wire, through our web site, or, if you are on campus, by bringing the gift to the Office of Advancement in the Umbrella House. If you mail your gift of cash, the date of the gift is the postmark date on the envelope in which it is mailed.

Gifts of $50,000 or more made either in a single payment or pledged over a longer period may be used to create endowed funds for special purposes. Endowed funds earn interest in perpetuity and, once fully funded, this interest is applied to the purpose for which the fund was created.

Gifts of Stock

A gift of appreciated stock is a very attractive way to give to Mitchell College. In addition to enhancing the educational opportunities we can offer our students, you may also realize a substantial tax savings. This is most advantageous when you have owned the stock for at least one year and the stock has appreciated in value. 

Your broker can electronically transfer shares of stock to Mitchell College through our brokerage account. Contact us at or at (860)701-5092 for stock transfer instructions or more information.

Gifts of Real Estate

  • Make an outright, life-income, or retained life estate, or bequest gift
  • Gift must be real estate that is not subject to a mortgage
  • Avoid incurring capital gains tax on the transfer of a highly appreciated asset
  • Become joint owners of the property with Mitchell College
  • Property must have been owned by you for more than one year

To learn more about transferring assets to Mitchell College, please contact the Advancement staff at or (860)701-5092.

Gifts of Retirement Assets

  • Use all or part of your retirement assets to make a gift to Mitchell during your lifetime
  • Avoid passing high estate tax on to your spouse or children

To learn more about gifts of retirement assets to Mitchell College, please contact the Advancement staff at or (860)701-5092.

Gifts of Life Insurance

  • Make a significant gift to Mitchell
  • Benefit from a charitable deduction during your lifetime
  • Wonderful way to make a gift if you own a life insurance policy and no longer require its protection

To learn more about gifts of life insurance to Mitchell College, please contact the Advancement staff at or (860)701-5092.