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2013 Orientation - Students Cheering on the Green

Dr. Dawn Brill Duquès ’64 and Ric Duquès

Academic Success Center

Mitchell College has built its reputation on providing students with an outstanding foundation for their college studies. We are especially well known for, and proud of, our extensive academic support services – a unique array of programs that help students to achieve the best college experience possible. Mitchell College takes a comprehensive approach to deliver the appropriate services to motivate, educate, support and guide students in their efforts to be academically successful.

Mitchell College is fortunate to have the Dr. Dawn Brill Duquès ’64 and Ric Duquès Academic Success Center, a learning facility dedicated solely to student academic success. This brand new state of the art facility sits high in the middle of the campus overlooking the Thames River. The building has space designated for peer study groups, classroom instruction, testing, research and meetings with advisors, specialists, tutors, and career staff.

The Duquès Academic Success Center is home to several departments: